Monday, June 23, 2008

I won! - Fairway Golf Open Tournament

I played at June monthly tournament hosted by Fairway Golf Club. It was held at Monarch Bay GC (71.8/122, 6567 yards). Luckily, and thanks to many people's advice & support, I WON THE TOURNAMENT believe it or not.

Thank you, everyone!!! I couldn't have done it without everybody's support. Thank you~~.

I played from the back tees for the first time at Monarch Bay though, I shoot 81. My back-9 was 39. Moreover, as my driver was totally out of control, I decided to use 3-metal and 2-hybrid off the tee after 2nd hole, which literally worked for me. In fact, 39 without a driver is just excellent. I got 29 putts in total although I did 3-putts twice.

But, I hit only 4 greens, which indicates my weakness in long game. So, I guess I should search for more distance off the tee rather than investing my time on putting greens. I must overcome the fears of hitting my driver and missing it. It's also something to do with mental side.

I don't need a 280-yard drive. Say, 220 yards (in average) is just fine for put me in the next level (e.g. single-digit handicap & breaking 80). I'm now 200-yard off the tee in average.

By the way, 94 players in total played the tournament and there were more than 20 single-digit handicappers in the field (some of them are scratch). My 81 was 3rd best gross score among men.... maybe 4th or 5th including girls. My net score was 66. 3-shot lead from the runner-ups.

Now I have good reasons to look for more distances off the tee....?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to hit more greens (1)

(This entry is based on

In order to break 80, you have to put yourself into "the position". Meaning, breaking 40 in 9 holes. Period.

What exactly takes to break 40 and 80? I guess you need to hit more greens in regulations (GIRs). In order to break 90, it is all about hitting fairways. Now hit more greens! Besides GIRs, you may want to eliminate those nagging doubles from your score card. I personally don't want to except to steal birdies because my handicap isn't better than 0. Not even better than single-digit handicap. So, how could I make birdies intentionally?

Anyways, if I'm 150-yard away from the center of the green, I always want to put the ball on the green regardless the situations, which is my ego. Missing 150-yard shot is as frustrating as missing 3-foot putts. I used to take 6 or 7 irons under the nominal conditions and did full swing all the time. Yes, all the time.

What typically happened was "MISSING THE GREEN" so easily.

To me, doing full swing leads to all kinds of errors. It's hard. I wanted to make this thing easy because golf is already difficult. Why would you make the difficult thing more difficult?

What popped up in mind while watching a bunch of PGA tour pros swing on YouTube was most of them are not doing full swing, but usually nice and easy three-quarter swing. Which literally gives more control and confidence in shots.

Although you may have to take one or two more clubs, you can swing much easily. Less chance to do top/fat shots. For example, if you say you use 7-iron from 150-yard away from the pin, you may have to take 6 or 5 iron.

Take 5 iron for 150 yards!?

Yes. It may be really embarrassing for you because your buddies are taking 8- or even 9-irons. You got a 5-iron in your hands. Though, golf isn't a game for "how far you can hit" but "how closely you can put the ball to the target". In fact it doesn't matter whether you hit 5-iron or 9-iron for 150 yards. You don't get a penalty stroke because you had to take a long iron. Or, you never get a bonus stroke off from your score card because you were able to reach 150 yards with 9-iron. They make very little difference in your score.

So, my point is that why don't we take more clubs and do nice and easy three-quarter swing. It really works to hit greens more particularly under pressures.

I found some great movies of Ben Hogan and Sam Snead of them hitting approach shots. I wanna be able to do just like them!

Hogan Pitch Wedge shot

Hogan 4 iron 155 Yards

Hogan 6 Iron

Snead 6 iron 145 yards

Snead 9 iron

Ben Hogan Swing

Finally here is a clip of Jack Nicklaus of hitting PW, 7-iron, 3-iron, 3-wood, and driver.

Jack Nicklaus golf swing

YouTube surely makes our world the better place.