Monday, June 23, 2008

I won! - Fairway Golf Open Tournament

I played at June monthly tournament hosted by Fairway Golf Club. It was held at Monarch Bay GC (71.8/122, 6567 yards). Luckily, and thanks to many people's advice & support, I WON THE TOURNAMENT believe it or not.

Thank you, everyone!!! I couldn't have done it without everybody's support. Thank you~~.

I played from the back tees for the first time at Monarch Bay though, I shoot 81. My back-9 was 39. Moreover, as my driver was totally out of control, I decided to use 3-metal and 2-hybrid off the tee after 2nd hole, which literally worked for me. In fact, 39 without a driver is just excellent. I got 29 putts in total although I did 3-putts twice.

But, I hit only 4 greens, which indicates my weakness in long game. So, I guess I should search for more distance off the tee rather than investing my time on putting greens. I must overcome the fears of hitting my driver and missing it. It's also something to do with mental side.

I don't need a 280-yard drive. Say, 220 yards (in average) is just fine for put me in the next level (e.g. single-digit handicap & breaking 80). I'm now 200-yard off the tee in average.

By the way, 94 players in total played the tournament and there were more than 20 single-digit handicappers in the field (some of them are scratch). My 81 was 3rd best gross score among men.... maybe 4th or 5th including girls. My net score was 66. 3-shot lead from the runner-ups.

Now I have good reasons to look for more distances off the tee....?

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